All Clear

How to Correct -Not Just Cover- Blemish-Prone Skin.

Prep for Smooth Application

Don’t skip moisturiser on blemish-prone skin. An oil-free primer like Vitamin Enriched Face Base will soften skin so makeup glides on evenly.

Apply a Light Base

Rather than just spot-correcting, start with a light, all-over application of Skin Foundation Cushion Compact SPF 35 to create an even base. You can add additional coverage where you need it—the result is a more seamless finish.

Build Coverage

Using a Full Coverage Face Brush in a light tapping—or stippling—motion, layer Skin Foundation Stick over problem areas. You’ll add coverage without any heaviness. Right away, skin looks even and corrected.

Add Colour

Soft, natural pinks will add dimension and prettiness to the face without looking obvious. Use a Blush Brush to dust Blush in Desert Pink on the apples of cheeks, brushing back toward the hairline and down to soften colour. Add a swipe of moisturising Extra Lip Tint on lips.