Build Your
Pro Palette

A professional palette is
just a few clicks away.

Pick it out, pop it in. Our sleek, mirrored palettes let you choose the shades of
Eye Shadow and Blush you use most so your go-to look is always on hand.

Step 1
Choose Your Palette

Whether you want to create a signature Bobbi Brown cheek with neutral and pop blush shades, a classic light-medium-dark shadow eye look, or a versatile, multi-shade cheek and eye palette, we've got the perfect fit.

Step 2
Choose Your Shadow

Shimmer, sparkle, metallic or matte—mix and match your favourite shades and textures to create endless eye looks on demand (and on-the-go).

Step 3
Choose Your Blush

Pair a pretty pop of colour with your favourite eye look, or double up on blush—think neutral plus bright—for a natural-looking layered cheek. For a subtle glow, complete the trio with Shimmer Blush.

Select Shade
Shimmer Blush
Select Shade

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simplify and organize
your beauty routine.”