Best Kept

Five must-know tips and tricks, straight from Bobbi.
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Quick Cover-Up

If you're in-between colour appointments (it happens), use Bobbi's Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up in a shade that matches your hair colour to temporarily cover grey.

Simple Strobing

For an instant lift and natural highlights, tap a few drops of Extra Face Oil on top of cheekbones with fingertips.

Double Lining

If you've ever struggled to create a smooth, even line, try this quick fix: line eyes with a dark shade of Eye Shadow, then re-line with Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. The result is a diffused (and forgiving) line that gives eyes extra dimension and depth.

DIY Lip Tint

Want a simple way to expand your lip wardrobe? Apply a swipe of bright Lip Color on bare lips, followed by lots of Lip Balm for a pretty, sheer tint.