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Choosing Your Ideal Shade & Formula
Choosing Your Ideal Shade & Formula
With the right formula and shade, anyone can have a smooth complexion that looks naturally flawless ... more
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Choosing and Applying Mascara Simplify And Organise Your Makeup Making Up Your Makeup
A quick swipe of mascara defines, brightens and opens up your eyes. Even better, it's a simple way to instantly look pulled together. Here's how to apply it like a pro.... more In a perfect world, you'd find what you were looking for in no time flat. In real life, you waste time daily... more When I was first starting out as a makeup artist, I had to put together a complete kit of products... more
Most Asked Beauty Questions Covering Circles Blemishes & More Faking a Tan
Q: What is the best way to cover fine lines? A: Don't think of your lines as a negative. I think they're... more Concealer is my 'desert island' cosmetic - I wouldn't dream of living without it. More than lipstick or... more I've always loved the sun-kissed look and remember going to great lengths as a teenager to turn my skin... more
Be Who You Are Beauty
I was 16 years old when I landed my first job, working at a small makeup boutique in Chicago. More